What I’ve been doing and looking for real singers


Hey guys, Steampianist here! WHAT IS UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP today I have updates for you in bullet form….

… So what have I been up to? you ask.

1. Music Sheets

  • Still working on this
  • Mostly song from morb collab only
  • It will contain 2 types of sheet music Full/Complete Arrangement and Piano & Voices

2. Dark Western Vocaloid Series

  • I have been planning to produce a series of dark western songs featuring Big Al, Clara, Maika and Gumi (Japanese)
  • morb is not involved
  • It has a fairly simple plot nothing complex. heroine must kill bad guy. period
  • Still working on storyboard, Despite simple plot
  • I’ve yet to reach out to possible collaborators (art, video, tuner, musicians)

3. Spotify

  • I’ll be uploading mos of our (morb) singles in Spotify. Future tracks will be uploaded there as well.
  • Abusrd Stories for the Rationally Insane is in queue for upload.

4. New oliver song

  • Morb finally gave me the lyrics to a new song for oliver
  • It will be very different from morb’s usual stories

5. Bloodborne PVP Videos

  • Will be uploading a 5 to 6 minute bloodborne pvp videos that has my own original instrumental music 😀 just for fun and for memories

6. Making soundtracks for a  certain game

  • Not sure if I can divulge anything but I am currently composing for a game
  • However I will post short WiPs in twitter or soundcloud look out for that if you’re interested.

7. And finally Human version of our songs and Assorted Vocanuts 2

  • Since Vocallective is currently LABELED as the worst thing in the western vocaloid community (hehe labeled) and I have my own means of distributing to streaming sites such as spotify,itunes, and something similar…I will release Assorted Vocanuts 2 on my own and by that I mean it will be uploaded to Newgrounds and Spotify.
  • No more Bandcamp.
  • So here’s what i have planned for Assorted Vocanuts 2. I will be looking for singers maybe hold an audition or something … but I’ll most likely be messaging people instead.
  • I already have 5 in mind (may add 3 more)
  • It will contain 5 (depending on how many singers are involved) covers of our songs and ONLY 5 originals featuring the vocaloids (gumi and oliver only) and the human singers
  • It will be a total of 10 tracks
  • Covers songs will be from morb collabs and Project OverDoze (songs that is composed by me)

Well that’s about it I hate doing these blog things but i paid for this website so I might as well use it

Also I have been thinking about making a poll on twitter on what songs you want to hear with human singers sort of like a fan pick if you will. Still thinking about it……… well look forward to March. There will be updates. Thank you



5 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing and looking for real singers”

  1. Hey Steam! I can’t wait for that sheet music honestly. I was wondering if you are going to make sheet music for a specific song (Graveyard Shenanigans), or is that not a collab with morb?

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